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*Rick Astley “Together Forever”

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*Soraya Arnelas “Bolero”

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**Laura Branigan singing “All Night With Me” song

**Laura Branigan singing “Self Control” song)”

Laura Branigan singing “Self Control” song is being updated and revised. Already the original spooky romantic encounters music video version is online this webpage and has some new “Quick Editor’s Comments” on the webpage.

The original spooky romantic encounters music video version is about the life of some persons in their short length of time on the prison planet Earth that wanted to feel the thrill, excitement of an opposite sex mate’s attractiveness and arousals in an anonymous masked encounter. Actually, had a large following in big cities and elsewhere in many countries with many party meeting’s attendees wearing masks so they could remain anonymous. I updated my “Editor’s Comments” webpage’s topics and the wpForo “Forum” webpage’s topics plus also keeping the older version posts online.

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Original California Poetry & Stories written by David E Ros

Original California Poetry & Stories by David E Ros

Greetings everybody,

The following original California poetry and stories on this webpage are thought, written and originally published here and elsewhere on the internet by: David E Ros, Southern California, USA., Editor, Music Lover and Webmaster Owner.

Published on: Jun 20, 2011 @ 13:47 at:
Revised: 9-9-2011; 11-8-2011; 1-30-2012; 4-8-2012; 6-14-2012; 6-15-2012; 7-4-2012; 1-21-2013; 1-22-2013; 8-13-2013; 2-22-2015; 2-23-2015; 3-2-2015; 4-29-2015; 5-8-2015; 2-25-2016; 9-21-2016; 10-2-2016; 10-22-2016; 2-9-2017; 3-20-2017; 3-21-2017; 7-9-2018; 7-11-2018; 7-12-2018
The original version was published at:
Published on: Feb 23, 2015 @ 17:02 at:

1. “The Resurrection of the summer season in California, 2011”

Seeing the beautiful sun today filling the people of California with beautiful radiant energies.
What a Joy to feel the wonderful glow of the people reflecting their happiness to me and everyone else proclaiming “summer is here” this year in this wonderful area of my Universe.

*** David E Ros, the author’s notes: My initial thoughts occurred while driving the US 101 Ventura Freeway East after the Valley Circle Blvd and Mulholland Drive on/off ramps. I was observing the resurrection of the summer energies that I felt and saw around me. Finalized “on the fly” online at:

and at my home/office soon afterwards……….

(“On the fly” is a linguistics or lingo phrase to describe writing, speaking, etc., without much deliberations at that time).


2. “Sweat…”

Sweat, Sweat keep me Cool!

But don’t make me smell like a Fool!

***David E Ros, the author’s notes: With the arrival of this summer’s heat, I’ve also noticed the sweating season also beginning, Boo! Yet, I started to think maybe I could write a little rhythmic poem to ease my mental fears of nasty BO. The foregoing inspiration occurred on June 21, 2011, as I was in my current sleeping quarters, until I fully move to my big bedroom. Then in the early evening of June 22, 2010, I added this short rhythmic poem online at

and at my home/office soon afterwards……….


3. “God Gifts…”

“May Gods, Goddesses gift me more and more forever!”

***David E Ros, the author’s notes: I get tired of panhandlers whom request time, funds, etc., for gifts stating the “con” archaic phrase: “God Bless You!” Strange, however to “be less educated” and/or to “be less” are not a favorable deals. Another hidden meaning of the “God Bless You!” phrase is “God be less you!” Even the meaning of divinity in this archaic word: “Bless” is not desirable to me. Divinity does not pay my invoices, I have to earn monetary funds to pay for my purchases, expenses, etc. Most circumstances of divinity are the “Final Death” of a person and the eternal peace. Another type of divinity that is desirable is living for forever and ever!

So I chant the following original phrase personally and quietly in response from time to time including yesterday, September 9, 2011. So, I proudly unveil and proclaim “May Gods, Goddesses gift me more and more forever!” Limiting yourself to one God is “not profitable behavior”. The Republic of the United States of America’s Lord, the planet Earth’s Lord, the Universe’s Lord, the owner is a legal status living eternal entity states he, the owner authorized, authorizes many Gods, Goddesses in future times far away from the convicted prison planet Earth.

The Lord, the owner who by existing laws is only authorized source of advance technologies, music, literature, etc., everywhere and holds the Lord’s copyright on all the legitimate faith books of the planet Earth with “law and justice” themes including most of all planet Earth’s Indian faiths, rituals, etc., and the Constitutions of the planet Earth’s governments, etc., states in the Lord’s book, the Christian faith Bible the word “bless” is placed in the text, verses as a warning of dangerous activities. The Lord has also has stated that in the Christian faith Bible the word “Amen” is placed in the text, verses to highlight important topics. It is important to note that “receiving a blessing” is in present day usage and describes a legal gift acquisitions.

The Lord’s book as the Christian faith Bible is actually called are written stories that are favorites with moral themes, twisting adventures, excitement, live acting reenactments and many verses are observations still visible in these times.

Another interesting divinity topic is that Universe approved laws approved by the Lord, the owner state only a person in legal status may be granted, possess the “God” or “Goddess” honorary title if approved by the owner as an honorable gesture for worthwhile contributions while maintaining legal status, etc. The highest position is the Lord, the owner position who also has many additional titles simultaneously, etc. The Lord, the owner’s top title is Lord, Owner, Commander-in-Chief, Lord’s Court, the one Supreme Court of all that exists; present, future and past, etc. “Honor the Lord or weep later!”


4. ”Ore Go Now!”

Often enough in the early morning lights of a new working day in most mines of Earth’s history and of Gold, Silver rushes, etc., the planet Earth’s owner, an eternal from Providence and an esteemed Mining Engineer and much more himself, would gather his musical horn at mining claims, properties, etc. Then the Lord would play the miner’s approved groups or the companies’ approved jingle to his musical horn and finally shout “Ore Go Now”.

Then the long and smaller sluices, sluice flumes and/or rocker boxes, pans, etc., would have their water gates opened and later when the waters warmed up enough, the valuable mineral bearing earthen materials would be placed in the sluices, rocker boxes, and/or pans for separation and recoveries. The saying, shouting of the phrase “Ore Go Now,” a tradition still enacted at many mines and museums everywhere in their local languages though not necessarily everyday like in prior times, etc., is “FUN” and goes hand in hand with “Good Times”.

***David E Ros, the author’s notes: Yes, the Lord, the planet Earth’s owner is the driving force behind the naming of the state of “Oregon”. In the Universes and world-wide only the planet Earth’s owner, the Lord can write, approve or void laws, treaties, etc. The Lord is the only entity who can approve written signed open court judicial convictions and punishment orders with the Lord’s Court, the one Supreme Court, etc. All the planet Earth’s place names and most streets are named, approved by the owner contrary to other stories you may have heard. Even marriages, driver’s licenses, citizenships, travel visas, mining claims, etc., require the owner’s reviews and approvals to valid and/or revoked.

So some of the believed imageries of Oregon’s state’s border are that it is shaped like a sluice box’s gravel deposition area of many sluices and sluice flumes. While the state of California’s border in some of the believed imageries of the California’s state’s border is it is shaped like a long sluice flume and/or winding series of sluices and/or sluice fumes. Some also religiously think, believe the California’s state’s border may also be the placer ore bearing river, streams, etc., and/or a mine’s tunnel on a mountain often snow-capped. The state of Nevada‘s name meaning in old Spanish is “snow-capped”. Beautiful imagery!

Wow! “Ore Go Now!” So the many faiths and churches of Earth doctrines vary from place to place but the “Free Exercise of Religion Thereof” continues in wonderful traditions of personal philosophies, individual thoughts, desires and hopes that their goals are attained. Yes for free exercise of personal thoughts of a varied nature will often differ from person to person.

The Lord established the U.S. state region’s borders and still maintains the markers of survey points, coordinates, etc. The Lord is briefly mentioned in the obsolete condensed version 1 of the U.S. Constitution booklet which is not a biblical reference. The U.S. national laws are actually the expanded edition version 2 of the U.S. Constitution with complete Lord approved law clauses and complete Lord approved explanations that is a large volume or volumes. The Lord, the Lord’s title’s meaning, the Lord’s authorizations are completely stated in version 2 of the U.S. Constitution with complete Lord approved law clauses and complete Lord approved explanations, lists, and much more, etc.

The internet is full of not authorized by the owner usage of a false U.S. Constitution condensed version 1 booklet written for live acting reenactments which requires the owner’s permissions to be reenacted. And live acting reenactments must have the owner’s approvals for every action of the live acting reenactments, etc.

Specifically the “Lord” is mentioned in the false U.S. Constitution condensed version 1 booklet written for live acting reenactments yet the document does not have the Lord’s, the owner’s signature which is required to be valid and is required for permissions. The false U.S. Constitution condensed version 1 booklet written for live acting reenactments is Lord, the owner owned and has the Lord’s copyright.

The complete owner approved law clauses volumes with owner approved explanations version 2 is available by asking a large library for a look at the libraries reference copy.

The rest of the planet Earth’s Republics and elsewhere also have their own complete owner approved law clauses volumes with owner approved explanations versions that are utilized and enforced.



David E Ros, Editor, Music Lover and Webmaster Owner

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