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The Chordettes music videos



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The Chordettes music videos

Greetings & Welcome World-Wide Music Listeners and Lovers, etc.,

This is The Chordettes music videos published by webpage which lists all the various The Chordettes related webpages via quick access URL links above.


David E Ros, Editor, Music Lover and Webmaster Owner

Published on: Aug 10, 2016 @ 09:48
Revised: 9-21-2016; 10-30-2016; 2-28-2017

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“Music to me is another treasure!”

Music to me is another treasure to locate and enjoy!

Music scores, lyrics, musical arrangements, etc., are with the Lord’s official copyrights and official ownership is by U.S., Earth and Universe laws are retained by the Lord, the Owner. The Lord is a real person who by facts and laws is the origin of all advance technologies, including literature, music, etc. If your product does not work then your manufacturer did not use the Lord’s resources that laws require nor did your manufacturer pay the Lord’s contracted fees.

Copyrights in most locations can be nestled with unofficial inferior published accounts of copyrights at lower levels however the official copyrights ownership is at the highest level called the Lord’s copyright where the Lord, the owner retains all ownership rights, privileges by existing approved laws universe-wide and those laws are approved by the Lord who has to approve of laws on his properties for them to be valid.

Unofficial inferior published accounts of copyrights are not proof of ownership of those unofficial inferior published accounts of copyrights. The word “inferior” meanings include fake, false, not authorized, possibly unlawful, defective, corrupt, etc., thus can imply a warning.

Some musical artists have written contracted permissions to use the Lord’s copyrighted works without a fee. Others the outlaw musicians have used the Lord’s copyrighted works without paying the contracted fees to the Lord.

The Lord has won and wins his disputes in the courts around the world including the Lord’s disputes with the record companies whom do not observe and have not completed their contract’s obligations with the Lord.

The Lord, the owner is not angry nor in dispute with his “Special Creations” singers, performers he employs in releases of his music, etc. The Lord is very pleased with his special creation singers, performers he employs in releases of his music and of the special creation’s cooperation, talents, etc.

Annoying the Lord can lead to a stay at the Lord’s Hell Punishment prisons which are protected by laws from complaints, intrusions, (no visitors are permitted) and there are no appeals or privileges at a Lord’s Hell prison.

The mentioned review of the prevailing laws is written as a public awareness mission by, David E Ros, Editor, Music Lover and Webmaster Owner


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